Monday, January 15, 2007

FooTbALL MadS NatIoN !!

For you guys out there who know me well. i guess all of you are aware that i love playing football. I have been playing this game since I was 7 years old. I am so into the game that i read almost all related news about football even if it's from some kind of lower league that none of you are aware of. Being a football fan, surely there must be a team favourite. My favourite team is The Red Devils aka Manchester United. I have been supporting this team since I was 8 years old (during the Eric Cantona era).

Here are some information on MU.I hope you find this post interesting. For the other team fans, i solely apologise..hehe especially to confirmcekap who is a die hard Arsenal fan..hehe..paiseh

  • Club name : Manchester United
  • Nickname : The Red Devils
  • Stadium : Old Trafford
  • Club Owner : Malcolm Glazer
  • Life President : Martin Edwards
  • Chief Excutive : David Gill
  • Manager : Alex Ferguson
  • Assistant Manager : Carlos Queiroz
  • Formation : 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 or 4 - 4 - 2 (Attacking)

The Starting Eleven

The Super-Subs

Well, those are some of the evergreen players who light up the field whenever they take on the field. Hopes are stacked heavily on the first eleven players this season with revised hope that the coveted Premier League trophy can be returned to the archive closet of MU. So far they have done well. I hope it continues until the end of the season. Go! Go! Man Utd!

The English Premier League Standings after Game 18

1 Manchester United182352163657
2 Chelsea152641172451
3 Liverpool136435161943
4 Arsenal125643192442
5 Bolton12742721640
6 Portsmouth106734231137
7 Everton8782923632
8 Tottenham9952831-332
9 Reading91043131031
10 Manchester City8961925-630
11 Newcastle81052630-429
12 Blackburn81042431-728
13 Fulham67102535-1028
14 Middlesbrough71062428-427
15 Aston Villa57112428-426
16 Sheffield United61161830-1224
17 Wigan61242336-1322
18 West Ham51441536-2119
19 Charlton41541843-2516
20 Watford11191229-1712

I tried to put the legend on the league table but cant I will take one example and explain the meaning of each figure lo..hehe
I confirm will take MU as an example..

  • MU played 23 times already (18 wins + 2 draws + 3 losses)
  • MU scored a whopping 52 goals after 23 games (highest scoring rate in the league)
  • MU conceded a merely 16 goals (best defensive in the league with liverpool of course)
  • MU has a goal difference of +36
  • Overall MU is in first place in the EPL Standings with 57 points, 6 points ahead of their nearest rivals Chealsea...yay! yay!
So, I think I will stop here for now..I want to go bathe ady actually..hope you enjoyed this new post..drop comments if you dont mind..Stay tune for the next Juiciest and Fattest News & Gossips..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fei Zhai's Blog The Reborn!!

Hmm, it' been a long time since I have updated my blog. It's like what a meagre 6 months ago. Hehe dated back to March. Whoa! More than 6 months liao. But rest assured all you readers out there. GemukGenug is back with a Vengeance! Hopefully with better news and also cool pics.
So stay tune guys!

Here I want to take the oppurtunity to congratulate SEL Fei Zhai aka Lowkei on his new added blog. Well it's good to know that he has join the elite group of bloggers (started by the ever great and talented ConfirmCekap -- Hehe kua chiong leh). I hope your readers out there can check out his blog which I feel is rather informant after reading his 3 maiden post. Go! Go! Go! Fei Zhai..

Well, I think I have to stop here. Stay tune for more guys and girls. This will be the ReBorN of GemukGenug! Confirm filled with the Hottest, Juiciest and also the Fattest News!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Education Technology

Before I start writing, firstly I would like to 'thank' YiQuan for helping to 'promote' my blog (I guess that is what he is trying to do..hehe...joking)..I hope you readers put there so far enjoyed my topics..

Now on to a more serious stuff..I guess most of you guys out there realise that I am already in my final year of tertiary education (I don't know whether I should be happy or sad..)..being a final student I am required to do a final project which the uni calls it as 'Projek Sarjana Muda'..well I am going to talk a bit about it..I am involved in the inorganic chemistry field..hehe..the title of my project is 'Synthesis of Polyethylene Silica Aerogel via Physical Blending with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Drying'..whoa!! it sound so damn professional..hope you readers out there understand time to explain..hehe..

For this project I have to do a bit of lab work before I can start writing my thesis..the best thing is that usually PSM students have to do their labwork in campus but mine in fortunately out is some sort like a private lab owned by my lecturer (my PSM supervisor)..damn rich leh..introducing my laboratory..

This is exterior view of my looks kinda old but trust me, the facilities is damn good..hehe thumbs up to UTM

The name of my lab..this is lab is a sub lab for the Institute of Ibnu Sina..the building behind FKE up the hill

This is considered as the main office in my lab..the lab consist of two major is the wet lab and the other is called the technical lab..the difference between the two is the wet lab is where all students do their chemical reactions whereas the technical is usually for the characterization of materials or samples.. to the next part of the story..or should I say information or maybe you want to call it as 'nonsense'..hehe..watever it is la..I will now show you a few of the instruments provided in the lab..well enjoy it..some of the instrument is really big..hehe

well..introducing the largest machine that my lab has is this machine..I don't really know the exact name of the machine but the function of this machine is to synthesize RHA or Rice Husk Ash..RHA is used as a starting material in many chemical reaction and also in catalysis..if you really don't understand then come and see me the way, in the lab, all of us call this machine as 'dinasour'..well must be due to the size of it..

Now next, to this gadget..we call this machine as a reflux machine..a reflux machine is a machine used to synthesize pure materials..the machine consist of a condenser (the long tube bulging out), a heater (the thing which looks like a bowl and a cooler (the red box beside the machine).. this is a mahine you would be familiar with if you are a fan of CSI, CSI New York or even CSI Miami..this machine is called the Gas Chromatograph or in short GC..this machine helps to separate the diffrent components in a sample and characterize them in any way that you wish to..hehe..

This is the sample holder for the is called the automatic sample handler..when this thing works, it is damn yeng leh...hehe this machine..this machine is very much related to what I am dealing with is called an autoclave..this machine is essential for the preparation of silica helps to remove all the alcohols in the silica gel like a professional scientist le..hehe

Since that I am just preparing a laboratory sample (which is small in size), I am not using the big autoclave but I am using a smaller one which is shown on the pic beside...well...I guess that is all but not least about the few instruments provided in my lab..actually there are a few more but I havent had the time to collect n photograph them all..hehe..maybe next here are some photos for you to enjoy..

well I don't think the guy needs any further introduction..but if you still don' know then intoducing..Dr Kelvin..hehe..(actually I was working on another autoclave at that time)

well what is the use of a chemical laboratory if it does not contain any chemicals..hehe

An interior look of my workbench (the place I do my stuff)..

The one and only wardrobe found in my lab..hehe my lab coat is the one on the far right..

A view of other machines in the technical laboratory..

phew..glad that was the end of it..actually I am tired when I was writing this blog..the others are all still downstairs discussing of some sort of take home test (apparently about don't know what traffic light..hehe)..I hope what I wrote today would at least tell you something of my laboratory..if you have any comments, feel free to drop a few words if you don't mind..till the next story..adios...

Friday, March 10, 2006

An Evolution!

Before I start with my second post, firstly I would like to thank all the readers who supported me..I would also like to thank the 3 comments given by loyal readers although at first I didn't who the anonymous was..but eventually I would thank her also (she is Miss Leng Lui MeiYi actually..haha)..

Ok..Now let's get to the story..firstly I would to share with all of you about the title of my blog..apart from all the nice blog names that i know of (Inside out by SueyHuey, Confirm Cekap by YiQuan etc) i chose the name GemukGenug as my blog name..why you ask?..well actually i guess all of you know the meaning of Gemuk..hehe..some say this word symbolises me which I totally diagree..then there is Genug..actually genug is a German word which carries the meaning of from the meanings given, I can conclude that the meaning of my blog name is FAT ENOUGH..why fat enough u ask..actually before I started my blog I kept thinking of what to include in my blog..I do not want my blog to be boring and only consist of one or limited genres..I thought of adding sports into the frame, gossips and also events (all of this coming soon) that's why I suggested this name symbolizing that my blog is fattened with all kinds of stories and also FAT ENOUGH for all of you readers out there..hehe..are you all impressed?..

Now next to another unrelated post titled An Evolution..well I guess all of us here definitely owns a handphone including me too..I am going to share with you the evolution of my handphone since I was in the first year until now that I am already in the final semester..

I was not allowed to have a handphone when I was still studying in primary and also secondary school so my first handphone was when I first entered UTM..apparently at that time having a handphone is for the purpose of my mom and dad to communicate with me as I was in Johore and they were in I didn't do any consideration and just bought the cheapest phone that i can find..well this is what i get..

A Nokia 3315..I was so happy with this phone at that time..hehe (no offence to YiQuan)..hehe..they say this phone is able to kill a dog thrown with it (na lai diu gou)!..what a function..a handphone like a killing machine..hehe..then at that time there were no coloured screen phones so this is considered a very popular phone at that time..

Then as time passed by newer phones were created and i got greedier and greedier..hehe..when I was in second year, my dad bought a new phone when I was still studying here..suddenly one day he called me and asked me how to operate the!! my feeling I was thinking that this was my golden chance of 'getting' a new phone..haha..I made a plan and told my dad since that he doesn't know how to use the phone why not exchanging his new handphone with my old handphone..haha..what a cheeky son I am..eventually he agreed..and this is what i 'inherited'..

A new Nokia 3100..the best thing is that this 'babe' has got polyphonic ring tones and also coloured that time, whoa!, this was the 'thing'..if you get what I mean..hehe..this handphone is definitely better then the one I had during my first least i got it for 'free'..haha..sorry dad..but unfortunately this phone is not capable of being a killing loses it's 'quality' there..hehe on to my final year (i used the Nokia 3100 for 4 semesters-kinda nostalgic isn't it?..)..the next handphone evolution happened during the 2006 Chinese New Year..I was having tea with my friend when my friend told me that he had bought a new good phone so I asked him to show it to me..when he took out the phone wow!!..I thought that was the nicest gig and most yeng phone I have ever seen..i totally feel in love with it..I told myself that I must get I went huntin for it..I really can't find it in so many places in my hometown..but on the last day before I got back to UTM i finally found the phone ( and i mean the only shop that has it in SP)..i quickly bought it..damn! I was so satisfied with it..want to know how it looks like..stay tuned..hehe

Ta da..I bought a Motorola V3..damn yeng leh the phone..the screen apparently like touch screen!! what a tecknology..and the best thing is that the phone only cost me RM900 (which i only paid RM300 cause my dad sponsor RM600..hehe)..this phone is eqquiped with BlueTooth, TrueTunes etc..(please visit here for more information) are some other photos of my new handphone..

The 'touch screen' keypad that I have been talking about..Really magnificent how technology can get this far..

Look how yeng the phone is..the stylish look of the phone really captivated me..I apologise for being cocky..hehe I am just elated and proud of it..hehe

So that is the end of my second are you all impressed?..I hope I didn't hurt anyone by being cocky..I was just feeling I would be waiting for comments from all of you readers..i guess my next title would be about sports i guess (football mostly) wait for it..thanx for reading..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My First Maiden Post!!

Yeah!!..Finally I have got my first blog..What a relieve!!..after waiting and planning for so long I finally have the time to create my own blog..readers out there, brace yourself as I will make this blog as cool as possible..hmm...what to write on my first blog..well i think i am going to explain a bit on my Farewell Nite last Friday..a damn cekap nite leh..filled with all the beautiful girls and also gorgeous guys..bravo to the all the final year students!!

The details of the nite is as follows:

Title : SSI Farewell NIte (God knows what does SSI means)
Date : 4th March 2006
Venue : New York Hotel
Time : 7pm till late (including of clubbing at NYC for sure..hehe)

Here are some of the highlighted pics from the event..enjoy them..if you have any feedback please feel free to comment..

These are all my lovely coursemates..Geng!!..People say that
Faculty Science consist of beauties..hmm..i let you decide..hehe

A few of the beauties from my course..except ian cing..hehe..
Impressed or not?..but unluckily most are unavailable..hehe

All the Chemical Industry Students..

Me and Lee Pheng (my coursemate)..check out my hair...yeng rite?..hehe

Ian Cing and Huey Chying..their names kinda rhyme doesn't it..hehe

Another Da He Cao!!..phew..

The girls are all my First Year Juniors..

My lovely Coursemates!!..hmm..going to miss them all..

Introducing my room mate..we call him baby..
he doesn't look like one does he..hehe

Me and Leng Lui

Should I kill him or what?..hehe..but i sure lose lor..i duno Chinese Kung Fu ma..

Me and Leng Lui..yet again

whoa...check that out..phew...i got no comment..why don't you give me comments..

Haih..comments please..the guy is the chance liao...
but the girl on the left still available.hehe

Check out the girl on the right..nice leh!!..hehe..but too bad..not available..sorry guys

whoa..the SSC Dota gang..who is interested in challenging us, pls contact or ap also no prob..
but no leaver..haha last that's the end of it..actually there are still other photos but some of them are i hope you all enjoy my maiden blog..feel free to drop by any comments..wait for my second post (which i don't kno what to post yet..hehe)..don't worry guys..very soon..very soon..maybe the arrangement of my post is not i apologise..